Xamarin Developers

   Xamarin Developers at JD International

Xamarin is that robust tool by leveraging the power of which we at JD International build extrusive native and cross-platform apps. Xamarin lets developers use the same language, data structure and APIs on different platforms and target them with shared C# codebase. As a leading xamarin development company in India we are here to develop cross-platform mobile apps for all the major platforms as Android, iOS and windows. We believe that mobile applications are requisite to be easy, smooth and fun consequently we make the most of Xamarin, using C#, VB, objective C and .NET framework.

  Our Xamarin Experience

  •   Appealing cross-platform compatible apps
  •   Apps developed with native UI controls
  •   Development of iOS apps
  •   Development of Windows apps
  •   Cross-platform mobile consulting
  •   Developing apps using C#, C and Java
  •   Mobile cross-platform support
  •   Enhanced web services, themes and UI controls
  •   Code sharing
  •   Using native features by interacting with .NET class libraries
  •   Applications for multiple operating systems